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  1. Digital Marketer's Toolbox: Basic Training Workshop
    Learn How The Pro's Build Websites
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Learn How The Pro’s Build Websites

Network Empire’s Digital Marketing Framework Was Designed To Simplify Your Digital Marketing Tasks

This workshop will give you a very concise and quick overview of the features of the tools.

You will quickly realize what power lies inside. These workshops will give you the foundational concepts of what Digital Marketers Toolbox does. You can run through the entire process on this page.

** Know upfront that digital marketers toolbox is a powerful data mining & productivity tool. In these sessions you are only seeing the tip of the spear.

We value your time and have edited out the chatter and only left you with the core concepts discussed on the live uncut workshops.

Digital Marketers Toolbox Overview – Webinar Workshop Replay

Each of the workshops covers one of the modules in the digital marketer’s toolbox. The purpose of these sessions is to give you a basic understanding of the workflow in the tool.

Before you start, take a moment to reflect on the following statement in the image below. The frame of thought underpins what Digital Marketers Toolbox helps you achieve.

Take this thought and keep it at the back of your mind as you go through all the training sessions.

This fundamental concept infers that search engines are bound to language, and AI’s goal is to understand the language better to present you with the best relevant search results.

Both (AI + Search Engines Algo’s) have to bow to the constructs of language. Now that BERT has been set loose, the concept above becomes even more real. In local listing the recent updates have focused more on the construction of the sentence which in simple terms means the more organic the flow of the conversation is around the topic you targeting; the better you will find your results to be. Provide you viewers with great content.

For fun we have added a few sensors from around the world to demonstrate that the web is like the ocean – in constant flux due to the way search engine filters release results.

As you can see there web is constantly moving and so are the goal posts because Google always changes the rules.

Digital Marketers Toolbox is designed to show you where the money and traffic is in the sea of data and noise.

You’re going to quickly realize the efficiency and power the Network Empire Framework is.

You will soon see “advanced made easy to learn.”

10 Steps To Build A Website With Digital Marketers Toolbox

  1. Create your blueprint. This blueprint will hold all your project, competitor and keyword research data.
  2. Open Blueprint project. Once open you can add domains you want to analyze. We suggest your own domain first.
  3. Add your domain
  4. Add your top 3 competitors. This will give you enough research data to figure out where
    1. what domains control the traffic
    2. which domain pages get the traffic
    3. what is being presented on those pages
    4. how funnel is designed
    5. what is the product or service offered
  5. From the information you have collected from competitor domains you can now see what are the topics that have the search interest. Drill these keyword themes you consider important as they will give you the top phrases, related phrases & top 5 competitors pages. The result is in a few minutes you have the top keywords that drive traffic in that topic/theme.
  6. With the Intel gathered, Digital Marketeers Toolbox allows you to design your website silo architecture (think of silo architecture as a structured sitemap). You can now cherry pick the best keywords for your website. This creates the foundation of your website which can be exported and imported into WordPress using the Video Silo Website Builder. This plugin will automatically build out all the pages, categories and posts for your website with its powerful XML importer function.
  7. Create your content architecture / content templates / that you want imported into the website. Remember you can either use the manual silo builder for existing websites or you can use the video silo importer. The content templates created in digital marketers toolbox will also get imported. Add your call to action and work on your persuasion templates that guide the user through your funnel.
  8. Export your website blueprint xml out of digital marketers toolbox.
  9. Log into your WordPress website.
  10. Import the xml blueprint with the Video silo website builder plugin so all your pages can get built in minutes in WordPress

That is it in a nutshell. Rapid development of websites. What used to take hours now takes minutes.

The following graphic nicely shows the basic outline of the your digital marketing blueprint framework.

That’s it – the amount of time you save is massive.

Digital Marketers Toolbox organizes your research, minimizes the time to collate the data, and typically will save you up to 80 hours in work if you had to do things manually or the old way.

The cool part is Digital Marketers Toolbox is very efficient in clawing back your precious time.

Session 1: Creating a Digital Marketing Blueprint Project

For every digital marketing blueprint,

  • You can create a single XML website export.
  • Think of this as your project box.
  • In this box, you store the following components that help build your digital marketing campaign.
  • As you drill and research, all your data gets organized on the fly.
  • You can view the research from a global or project/keyword theme specific view
  • Every blueprint can hold multiple domains you investigate.
  • Every domain can also keep numerous keyword themes you have drilled. It is strongly recommended though to drill all your keyword themes in the domain that is being built or worked on.

Structure Of Digital Marketing Blueprint Data

  1. Digital Marketing Blueprint (You can view global and specific sets of keyword or domain data)
    • Competitive analysis (add domain)
    • Thematic Keyword Research
  2. Global view
    1. Domain
    2. Keywords
    3. PPC
    4. Market Segments
    5. Buyers Intent
    6. Questions
  3. Domain Specific
  4. Website Architecture
  5. Content Architecture
  6. Persuasion Architecture
  7. Export Website XML
    Export CSV data-sets for further analysis

Session 2: Thematic Keyword Research Concepts

This module allows you to drill into keywords to return the related theme keywords, phrase match keywords, top 5 competitors, page keywords & theme related videos.

Session 3: Website Silo Architecture Concepts

Now that you have done your competitive analysis, you can design your websites architecture. Follow the money and you will unlock how the market works.

Session 4: Semantic Content Editor Concepts

The semantic content editor is a very powerful tool that brings all your research data forward to help you create rich content for your customers that the search engines love.

Session 5: Digital Marketing Blueprint Framework Concepts

The Digital Marketers Toolbox Blueprint gives you access to all your blueprints data. It does not matter if you do work for clients or your own business. You have what the search engines love organized and at your fingertips.

* Do you want to learn more advanced methods of using this research to your advantage?

Session 6: How To Import Digital Marketing Blueprint Into WordPress

There is no point in spending time designing your website blueprint if you cannot quickly deploy what you have created.

The “WordPress video silo website builder plugin,” imports your digital marketing blueprint and builds the entire website for you in minutes. You can find the latest version of the plugin on the dashboard of DMT (Digital Marketer’s Toolbox|Data Mining Tool)

  • All you need to do is drag your NE silo widget into your column in the widgets are and wala! –> Your silo architecture for your website is activated and built for you automatically..

No technical – No fiddling, just drag and drop, and the site navigation is setup.

So as you can see in this one hour, you have a world of possibilities ahead of you.
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You get taken from basic to intermediate-advanced. These advanced workshops build upon what you have learned.

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Business SEO PRO slows down and digs deeper into Network Empires stackable framework, unpacking it for you step by step so you can potentially get the same results as below for your clients business or your own business or project.

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